Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eric Bana is a God!!!!!

So I saw "The Time Travelers Wife" with my good friend Karen today and let me tell you, Eric Bana is a God!!!! AHHHHHHH, he is sooooo sexy. He can travel over here anytime!

It was so good to get out with a girlfriend and just hang for a little while with no pressure to gt dressed up, come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be!

I know i have friends

I seriously just want one friend I can talk to on a regular basis, have a cup of coffee with everyday and really just hang with. Nothing special, we dont have to go out to lunch to keep ourselves occupied. We don't have to go to the mall to keep our kids entertained. Just someone to sit on the porch with and shoot the shit. That's it, nothing more. Please God, send me a true friend and if she's all ready in my life, let it be known. Thank you, Amen!

My EFFING tooth

My tooth is still hurting! This has been going on for too long now, I am about done with it. I'm immune to vicodin and advil is the only thing that works. God help me if it doesnt get fixed this week, I'm going postal!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Storm? What Storm?

We were suppose to be getting this huge storm Tues and Wed. BUT, nothing!!!!!!!! I actually bought into the hype and went and got batteries, milk, water and a fan just in case it was crazy hot! well, we got a few rain drops and maybe a gust of wind that was about 2 knots!!! that sucked. Anyway, I hope we get some more weather now that its going to become fall in a few. I remember Sept, 20, 2008 when we first arrived to Hawaii, it rained for a weeks strait. it was great. Moving from Vacaville, CA, where it hardly rained at all. But it's nice, I can just drive windward and see clouds and rain. Its really nice over there. But we live on Hickam where it hardly rains at all, it rains on the other side of base a lot but for some reason, it doesn't get over here.
Today, we didn't do much, it was kinda sprinkling all day, so we just got out when it was a slight drizzle. We rode the JEEPs around again of course. made some cupcakes and shared them with a neighbor. Now I'm finally relaxing but the kids are up so it's kinda hard.
My life is so boring there's nothing to write about!
Good Night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


no matter how hot chris evans is, it doesnt make his shitty movies any better

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Got up this morning and rode the Jeeps around the block.
Got a movie and pizza for dinner.
Sydney took a shower all by herself from start to finish, she's getting so big.
Getting ready to watch "Push" with Chad.